Wool Systems App

Developed in conjunction with Primary ITO and Wool Systems Ltd, the Wool Systems app was developed to provide an interactive training tool to support learning in the Wool Industry. This app is comprised of 3 components a multi-angle shearing video, a shearing logbook and an entertaining wool handling game.

Interactive Shearing Video

The interactive video provides a view of shearing positions from multiple angles with optional annotations and animated pressure points to show the different maneuvers and body positioning for shearing a sheep.

“Apart from actual in-person training, it’s difficult to show the correct shearing positions in detail, for example, a simple diagram or video of a sheep being shorn will not properly identify the positioning of the shearer’s knees. The goal of the video is to show this highly complex task that involves several maneuvers and body positions” Robert McCrone – Primary ITO

Compare yourself with a pro

Compare your shearing techniques with those of a pro to perfect each step of the shearing process. Simply upload a video of yourself shearing a sheep and it plays alongside the professional video.

Compare yourself with a pro

Wool Handling Game

Working as a wool-handler is a fast-paced job that requires sound knowledge of different parts of a fleece. We developed this game to reflect the fast-paced, urgent nature of the job. Use your finger to slide the fleece pieces into the correct “fadge”. Move quickly, as the further you go the faster the fleeces start piling up and when they reach the top it’s game over.

“The app’s development was about having some technology for the sector that could be migrated into a real training record”.
Mavis Mullins – Wool Systems Ltd

Work Log Book

The ‘Work Log Book’ enables learners to record their experience, including the place, dates and duration of the time spent sheering. This is useful for those who need to complete set hours as part of their training, or who wish to note their experiences if they later wish to communicate this when applying for future roles.