Leafroll3 App

Snapp were commissioned by the New Zealand Winegrowers association and the ministry of Primary Industries to develop a mobile application that assisted wine growers with the detection and successful eradication of the nasty Leafroll virus.

Information Overload

New Zealand Winegrowers already had access to a wealth of information on the subject of the leafroll virus. The problem was that it was spread across multiple mediums such as websites, books, leaflets, videos and wall planners.

Identifying Leafroll 3 Virus

The app user has access to videos, images, and fact sheets to help identify the virus, however if they are still unsure they are able to snap a photo of the infected plant and send it to an expert for further analysis.

The Task

snApp’s task was to create an app that allowed the winegrower easy access to the required information within a couple of clicks whilst out and about on the vineyard.

Control Schedule a design challenge

One design challenge was to convert a large 'control schedule' wall planner into mobile optimised format. The result - a collapsable calendar allowing the reader to find the relevant information in less than three clicks.